The trends that come and go in the handbag world are cyclical, and while many seem like they will be fleeting moments in time, sometimes that trend proves us wrong and is here to stay. Enter Micro Bags, and yes, I will call these very bags micro because while the mini bag trend remains, micro bags take it one step further and shrink the size. One of my favorite fashion houses has added a new size category to its already vast lineup; enter the Bottega Veneta Candy, the smallest size of them all.

The last size introduction from Bottega Veneta was its Teen Category, a size that fit between small and medium in a way that felt like the perfect fit. But now there is the smallest member of the family, the Candy size, and these bags are tiny and sweet. Are they practical? Probably not, but when you are purposefully opting for a bag this small, it is not to be practical!

Itsy Bitsy Bottega Bags

A handful of the most coveted Bottega Veneta classic shapes are given the shrunken-down treatment, leaving us with too-cute-to-handle versions. The Jodie Bag, one of my favorites in my collection, looks delightful in this small size, as does the Padded Cassette.

While many people think these tiny renditions deserve tiny price tags, that isn’t the case. In fact, the actual work that goes into crafting a bag, especially with the intrecciato technique Bottega Veneta uses, only furthers the need for meticulous work.

Bottega Veneta Candy Padded Cassette Bottega Veneta Candy Cassette Bottega Veneta Candy Arco Tote Bag Bottega Veneta Candy Jodie
Bottega Veneta Candy Jodie
via Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta Candy Loop Camera Bag
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10 hours ago

Way too small. Doesn’t even fit a card case. My SA at the BV at Brookfield Place showed it to me a few months ago prior to its official launch and while cute, definitely not useful at all.

6 hours ago

Most moronic bag ever. Doesn’t fit a card case and definitely not a phone so what’s the point??? Spend almost 2k on a bag that fits your lipstick?! It’s not even that cute tbh. And btw, nano bags CAN be practical, just not Bottega nano bags. My Balenciaga nano neo classic has been my go-to for 2yrs now and it’s tiny BUT fits all my necessities and more.

10 minutes ago
Reply to  pinksky777

Chanel and lv has the worst nano/micro bags for me. And most especially the mini kelly ($1200 per square inch haha). Only fits coins and a lipstick and price is outrageous. The only positive side is they are cute. Hermes is the best when it comes to mini bags b25 and k25 mini lindy halzan are very generous with space. I love bottega for their beautiful colors always plenty to choose from.

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