Goyard does things a little bit differently than other luxury leather goods brands. While almost all top-tier designers adhere pretty closely to the seasonal cycle of public shows, editorial previews, splashy public launches and broad retail availability, Goyard holds things closer to the vest than perhaps any of its peers—no online sales, no lookbooks on its website, no seasonal shows. That’s why news of a newly debuted Goyard bag tends to trickle out instead of gush, but today, we have a treat for you: three new Goyard bags, complete with elusive price info.

The fanciest (and priciest) of the offerings is a crossbody mini-trunk known as the Goyard Minaudiere, which comes in special colors of Goyardine canvas as well as the black on black you see above. The bag is small and heavily structured, and with its strap removed, it’s probably the closest thing to an evening bag that the brand makes. In black, the Goyard Minaudiere is priced at $3,530, while special colors will bump up the pricetag to $4,585. It comes in one size.

Because of its combination of usability and price, I have a feeling the Goyard Plumet Crossbody Wallet will be the bag in this trio with the broadest appeal. It was inspired by the pouch inside the brand’s popular St. Louis Tote, and the result is a simple, lightweight, flap-top chain wallet on a thin leather strap. The strap is removable, which allows the bag to be used as an actual wallet in a larger bag, which is convenient if you’re in a rush and don’t want to entirely switch out all your cards, cash and other details. The Plumet’s single size is priced at $1,080 for basic colors and $1,405 for nine special colors.

The last (and least expensive) of the three new bags is the Goyard Poitiers Tote, which is a petite north-south shopper that looks like it would be best carried by hand but would probably also work in the crook of the arm. As totes go, this one looks like it has a limited capacity, but that still puts it larger than most shoulder bags. Price-wise, the Poitiers Tote will run you $690 in classic colors (black and black with tan trim) and $895 in special colors.

Take a look at all the bags below. These designs are available now in Goyard boutiques and departments nationwide.

Goyard Minaudiere Bag
$3,530 in Black, $4,585 in Special Colors

Goyard Plumet Crossbody Wallet
$1,405 in Special Colors

Goyard Plumet Crossbody Wallet
$1,080 in Classic Colors (Black and Black/Tan)

Goyard Poitiers Tote
$690 in Classic Colors (Black and Black/Tan) and $895 in Classic Colors

Goyard Poitiers Tote
$690 in Classic Colors (Black and Black/Tan) and $895 in Classic Colors

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