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Arnd Bronkhorst is one of the world's best-known equestrian photographers. Over the last 25 years he has travelled the world to photograph horses in competition, in training and in their natural habitat. Breathtaking and unconventional photos are his trademark. Arnd is mainly interested in the stories behind the news, aesthetics, and the emotions of horses.

Through his huge online image database, Arnd sells his photos to publications and businesses around the globe. This online library contains sports images, fascinating detail pictures, and beautiful images of horses in wonderful atmospheric photos. Momentarily there are over 150.000 equine images available at This number is increasing all the time as the database is updated every day with the latest changes and additions. Olympic Games from Barcelona to London, world-, European and other championships since the 1980’s are visually represented at

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Horses and photography: a beautiful combination

After finishing his photography studies at theRoyalArtsAcademyinthe Hague, Arnd specialized in equine photography. To be an equestrian photographer it is necessary to know horses and horse-people. Arnd grew up riding eventing horses at his parents riding school.
Since 1986 he has worked for leading horse magazines and acquired international acknowledgement in equine photography. 

Huge international database

Arnd works together with some of the best horse photographers of the world.
The best images of these photographers are added to Arnd’s database at to further improve the quality and diversity of the database. This means more events are covered and more situations are available. The chances of finding the right image have increased tremendously with this development. All images are linked to keywords. With the advanced search option, it is possible to find that particular image among the 150.000 other images. In the slight chance that the right image is not on file, it is always possible to ask our associate photographers to search their huge photo-archives. For regular clients, a direct download option is available.

Arnd Bronkhorst Photography delivers images to many equestrian businesses and magazines around the world.
Olympic and world champions are regular customers of, such as Anky van Grunsven, Adelinde Cornelissen and Edward Gal.

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