Anemone Horse Trucks

Renault MasterAnemone Horse Trucks is the premier supplier of horse trucks. With our extensive collection of in-stock products available for immediate delivery, Anemone is unique in Europe. Products range from basic two-horse trucks to large, nine-horse trucks with luxurious living quarters - and an array of products in between. Anemone Horse Trucks continually strives to meet the needs of today's horse enthusiasts by providing quality products on-demand, and because we listen to our clients and stay current with the times, we have become an industry leader. Providing safe, comfortable, and user-friendly products is our primary goal, and these three key points are the foundation of unparalleled transportation enjoyment for drivers, passengers, and horses alike.

What began as a hobby has developed into a large company which imports and exports horse trucks. After working in the house plant business for many years, Bert van Kooten bought several horse trucks 15 years ago and converted them into horse trucks. Much has changed over the years, and Anemone Horse Trucks has developed into a modern, large business. In 2008, it became a family business servicing customers around the world.

With our extensive stock of new and used horse trucks, Anemone Horse Trucks can meet the needs of almost every client. For instance, we have several new horse trucks in stock which can transport up to six horses and is equipped with luxurious living quarters. However, we also offer an excellent two-horse truck for those who want to travel economically. For years, we've used the Renault Master chassis for many of our products because of its light-weight and durable construction. This fall we will launch a new model, which has already received rave reviews. It can be operated with a class B license and is available with a variety of options, including a special design to facilitate the safe transport of young horses and stallions. We call our new design the ProSafety. Also available are numerous options for tack and wardrobe storage; single and double cabins; and naturally, various cabin amenities such as air conditioning, cruise control, camera systems, leather upholstery, and more.

Exclusive We are very proud of our clients, including
Anky van Grunsven, Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud, Karim El Zoghby, Roelof Bril, and many others. Anemone Horse Trucks also does business outside the Netherlands, serving customers in many European countries as well as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South America, and Australia.



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