Department of Equine Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht UniversityDepartment of Equine Sciences

The Department of Equine Sciences disposes of one of the most advanced equine teaching hospitals in Europe, featuring three fully equipped surgical theatres, comfortable boxes for approximately 100 in-patients and a large number (>10) board-certified equine specialists in internal medicine, surgery and reproduction. The caseload of in-patients is relatively high at approximately 2000 a year, and the ambulatory clinic, which serves a large area around the city of Utrecht, sees an additional 4000-5000 cases a year.

Apart from clinical services, the department has an important research programme. This comprises fundamental research focusing on biology of reproductive cells and on tissue repair (basically research in the areas of articular cartilage and tendons), and more applied clinical research, indicated as “advances in veterinary medicine”. The department is a major player in international equine research in the areas of orthopaedics, reproduction, biomechanics and electromyography.

The Department of Equine Sciences is one of the three clinical departments of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University. The Faculty was founded in 1821 as State Vet School and became part of the university (founded in 1636) in 1925. The Utrecht Veterinary Faculty is generally seen as belonging to the top five veterinary institutions on a global scale, and as the leading vet school in Europe.Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

General and specific courses in equine veterinary medicine, including anaesthesiology, surgery, internal medicine and reproduction. Further, specific courses for farriers are offered.

The Utrecht Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was the first veterinary faculty outside North America to be granted accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association (in 1973), and has retained this accreditation ever since.

Contact information
Utrecht UniversityDepartment of Equine Sciences
Department of Equine Sciences,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Utrecht University
Yalelaan 114
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 302 531 350
Fax: +31 302 537 970

Contact person: P.R. van Weeren DVM PhD Dipl ECVS, professor of equine musculoskeletal biology
Phone: +31 302 531 062

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