Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v.

Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. offers customer-oriented, practical horse insurance with corresponding advice to private individuals as well as horse-lovers with a business or professional interest. A very wide range of horse insurance products is available. A body of expert staff is at your disposal to provide personal advice and prepare a customised insurance product that is appropriate for your stable or meets your request. Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v also operates across the world in the field of transport insurance for horses. Our full-time inspectors are available to assist you around the clock.

Horse with FoalRecreational riders, competitive riders, vets, breeders, dealers, horse insurers, animal protection workers and other stakeholders recognise that the most important thing is the well-being of the horse. All these people are involved in the horse sector. Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. endeavours to make a contribution to this by promoting and supporting developments in the horse sector at various levels. For the client, Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. strives to provide clear information about its insurance products. This implies ensuring certainty about the cover chosen by a client, as well as prompt personal contact if there is any uncertainty. Practical problems call for practical solutions. Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. guarantees that claims are dealt with quickly and accurately and we can be contacted 24 hours a day. Our wide-ranging client base includes recreational riders but also international sportsmen and –women and breeders with the best breeding mares and the most highly appreciated stallions.

The history of Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. began in Zwolle a hundred years ago. On 7 October 1910, veterinary surgeon Gerrit Tervoert established the company under the name “Zwolsche Paarden en Veeverzekeringsmaatschappij N.V.” This insurer became well known under the name "Zwollmij" and was located in Zwolle for the few first decades of its existence. The company has been taken over on a regular basis in the intervening one hundred years and its name has changed several times.

Since 2005 it has operated on the market under the name Hippo Zorg. In January 2007 ownership of Hippo Zorg passed to W.A. Hienfeld B.V. in Amsterdam. This is a family business, established in 1874 and specialising in niche products, a focus with which horse insurance dovetails well. in 2014 the name has been changed to: Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v.

Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. meets the standards of the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM – the financial markets authority). As Hippo Zorg is affiliated to and supervised by the AFM, the company has an international passport. This means that Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. is able to operate internationally in horse insurance and is currently active in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Estonia and Lithuania. Given its rich history and broad portfolio,Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. ranks among the biggest players in the field of horse insurance in Europe.

Xcellent Horse Insurance b.v. works closely with various national and international horse-related professional organisations. These include stud registers, sports clubs, veterinary organisations and professional groups involved directly with horses, as well as major international insurers.

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