Smulders Equestrian Products
Some horse have all the luck!  

Smulders is one of the largest equestrian stabling construction companies in the world. With our staff, that consists of 85 people and production area of over 30.000 m2, we supply customers all over the world with our top quality products. 

Each idea has its beginning on a small piece of paper. We will make sure that the end result of your project is the one you have dreamed of. We have a wide selection of stable fronts, doors, windows, horsewalkers, solariums, etc. for you to choose from. Each item or detail can be ajusted to your own special needs. Together with your required measurements and our hard work, we can honestly say that your new stable interior will be completely tailor-made.

It started in 1995 in the small village Beek en Donk in the Netherlands where Edjzeck Smulders started to produce equestrian products for his customers special needs. Since 2001 we have changed the company to a production firm, and started to produce for other stable selling companies that do not have any facilities of their own. Since then this is still one of our divisions. In 2006 Marco Brons joined the company. He is now the driving force in the sales department, where Edjzeck Smulders puts his heart and soul into the production of the products. From 2014 on we successfully put the brand name "Smulders" back in the equestrian world and export goods all over the world.

We are proud to say that Smulders company delivered our stabling products to: Edward Gal, Hans Peter Minderhoud, Federation centre KWPN, Coby and Marlies van Baalen, Patrick van der Meer, Marc Houtzager, Tim Coomans, Broere Stud, veterinairians: Jacque Maree, Den Ham, Enterbrook, Euro Horse (Axel Verlooy), Biolly horses, Quality Sutd, Joris Ide, Jordi Domingo, Annabelle Collins (Barcelona Horses) and to many, many more!  

Contact information

Hil Economic Development
Marco Brons

Phone NL: +31 6-51304171

We serve our foreign customers under the following local numbers:
Germany: +4915290001643
USA: +1 3102992264
UK: +44 7408835872
Poland: +48  732405917


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