Holland National Horse Foundation

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The Netherlands is horse country par excellence. Breeders, riders, and trainers in the Netherlands have strived for generations to manage and improve the sport horse. Over the years, the Dutch have gained expertise in breeding, training, veterinary care, nutrition, and other areas necessary to successfully compete a sport horse. True success requires a healthy, fit, and properly trained horse, and Dutch management practices have contributed to the unparalled success of the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has become a global leader in many facets of essential, qualitative equestrian management, such as good nutrition, professional horse training, horse-friendly stabling, veterinary care, and transport - all of which are practiced at world-class level. Despite its small size, the Netherlands attracts riders of all levels to train under Olympic-level riders and instructors, who are products of the country's extensive knowledge-sharing and long equestrian history. Furthermore, the small geographic area of the Netherlands allows horse enthusiasts to visit interesting places and see many good horses in relatively short time!

The Netherland's success formula is its total equestrian package, as the country has everything horses and riders need to succeed. This is the premise upon which the Holland National Horse Foundation was built. The Foundation is an association of leading Dutch experts, which bundle the expertise of various specialists to deliver custom solutions in equestrian businesses. On this website you can find al information about these experts and how to reach them.

Whether your goal is to compete on the highest level or enjoy horses as a hobby, the Holland National Horse Foundation is your partner!

For more information you can contact us at: info@hnhf.org

The Holland Horse Foundation offers you everything to be successful in sports